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You can use this search option to search for entries within the navigation tree and start ABAP transactions or Web Dynpro applications using a type-ahead field. The figure below illustrates where the quick launch is located in the upper part of the screen:

Figure 1: Example of Quick Launch

Using the quick launch you have the following options:

  • Start a transaction or application

    As soon as you enter the name of a transaction or an application, the dropdown menu of the quick launch automatically opens, which is divided into different categories. In this dropdown menu, you can directly start a transaction or an application.

  • Search

    You can access your search providers and search for specific terms. As soon as you enter a search term, the dropdown menu of the quick launch automatically opens. It is divided into different categories, in which you can choose between the search suggestions of different search providers.

    You can use mnemonic search against your pre-defined search providers. Using mnemonic search, you can also start the desktop search function. Per default, [d] is configured as mnemonic for Windows Desktop Search.

  • Navigate to URLs

    If you enter a URL into the type-ahead field without adding http://, the system automatically adds https://, or file://, http://.

Note With pure SAP GUI connections, it is only possible to enter transaction codes and commands; no search is possible. The quick launch reflects the command field.
Note With SAP Fiori launchpad connections, it is only possible to enter search terms (using the client-defined search providers) or URLs. To search for transactions and applications, you can use the SAP Fiori launchpad search bar.