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Explains the activation and use of the debug mode for debugging SAPUI5

By default, SAPUI5 ships minimized and obfuscated resources for the applications. For debugging SAPUI5 you need to enable the debug mode. The debug mode is a client-side concept. Debug files are labeled with the suffix -dbg and located next to the SAPUI5 resources:



The bootstrap script of SAPUI5 checks if the debug mode is active. If yes, it interrupts the execution of the script and embeds the debug version by adding another script tag and loading the -dbg.js file instead of the original file.

To activate the debug mode, use one of the following options:

  • Set the URL parameter sap-ui-debug to true.

  • Activate the local storage entry:

  • Activate the Use Debug Sources checkbox in the technical information dialog. You open the technical information dialog with the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + P. To resume, you must reload the system. Make sure that, if required, you clear your cache before activating the debug mode. Otherwise the debug flag will be lost. For more information about this dialog, see Technical Information Dialog.

To check or set the status of the debug mode, you can also use the following API:

// check the status
var bDebugMode =;

// set the debug mode;

Except for the URL parameter, changing the debug mode requires to reload the application.

It t is not possible to activate the debug mode via bootstrap tag parameter.