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The JSON model can be used to bind controls to JavaScript object data, which is usually serialized in the JSON format.

The JSON model is a client-side model and, therefore, intended for small data sets, which are completely available on the client. The JSON model does not support mechanisms for server-based paging or loading of deltas. It supports, however, two-way binding. Also, client-side models like the JSON model have no built-in support for sending data back to the server. The apps have to use, for example, model.getData() and jQuery.ajax() to send updated data to the server.

To instantiate a JSON model, use the following code:
var oModel = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();

After the instance has been created, there are different options to get the data into the model.

The easiest option is to set data by using the setData method:
    firstName: "Peter",
    lastName: "Pan"
Note The correct JSON notation uses double quotes for the keys and string values.
Usually, you do not define your data inline in the application but load it from a server-side service using an XHR request. The JSON model, however, also has a loadData method, which loads the JSON data from the specified URL asynchronously and applies it to the model: