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This section describes how to identify the SAPUI5 component name based on the location of the application's resource file.


If you know the location of an SAPUI5 application in the BSP repository, you can look up the component name in the Component.js file.


  1. Enter the URL of the Component.js file of your SAPUI5 application into your web browser.

    The URL of the Component.js. file has the following syntax:


    For example, if the path of your SAPUI5 application is /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/crm_opprtnty, the URL would be as follows:


    Replace <server> and <port> with the server and port of your SAP Fiori launchpad installation.

    The code of the Component.js file is displayed.

  2. In the code of the Component.js file, locate a line starting with

    This line has the following syntax:"<componentName>.Component")

    For example, if the part between the brackets reads ("cus.crm.opportunity.Component"), the component name is cus.crm.opportunity.