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Table and list cards display lists of records, according to the configuration in the term.

For more information about how the fields are presented in each card, see Table Cards and List Cards. The term can be configured in the application manifest file by setting the annotationPath property with a qualifier, as shown in the example below. If the annotationPath property is not configured, the term, without a qualifier, is used.

Sample Code
"sap.ovp": {
    "cards": {
        "card04": {
            "model": "ZCD204_EPM_DEMO_SRV",
            "template": "",
            "settings": {
                "sortBy": "Price",
                "sortOrder": "descending",
                "listFlavor": "bar",
                "annotationPath": "",
                "category": "{{card04_category}}",
                "entitySet": "Products"