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The sap.ui.model.odata.v4.ODataModel is the model implementation for consuming an OData V4 service.


This is the first version of the SAPUI5 OData V4 model. Due to its limited feature scope, we recommend you do not use this release to develop applications that are to be used in production systems. Please look at the detailed documentation of the features, as certain parts of a feature may be missing which you might expect as given. While our intention was to be compatible with existing controls, existing controls might not work due to small incompatibilities compared to sap.ui.model.odata.(v2.)ODataModel, or due to missing features in the model. Up to now, only limited tests with controls have been done with the SAPUI5 OData V4 model. The interface for applications has been changed to make usage of the model easier and more efficient. A summary of these changes is documented in the section Changes Compared to OData V2 Model.

The OData V4 model supports the following:
  • Read access

  • Updating properties of OData entities via two-way-binding

  • Operation (function and action) execution

  • Grouping data requests in a batch request

  • Server-side sorting and filtering


The OData V4 model documentation contains several code samples. These refer to the Sales Orders sample in the Explored app in the Demo Kit.