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Creating or Removing CatalogsLocate this document in the navigation structure


A catalog is a list of tiles and target mappings (actions). You have to launch the launchpad designer to create or delete the catalog. The catalog names along with the number of tiles appear on the left panel. The catalog has to be assigned to a PFCG role in the back end to which the users can be assigned.

For more information on target mapping, see Configuring Target Mappings

Creating Catalog

  1. Choose the Create Catalog add icon on the left panel.

    A Create Catalog dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the title and the ID.
  3. Choose Save.

    A catalog with the specified title without any tiles is created.

Removing Catalog

  1. Choose any catalog from the catalog list on the left panel.
  2. Drag and drop the selected catalog in the trash zone.

    A Confirmation dialog box appears.

  3. Choose OK.

    The selected catalog is deleted from the catalog list.