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Default Pages and Service MapsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Default pages and service maps are based on the following concept: When you select a folder, the content area fills with content.

Default Page

A default page is an application that is started when you select a folder and that usually provides an overview screen. In transaction Role Maintenance (PFCG), you can define default pages for each folder at any menu level. On the indey page, default pages appear as the first entry in a folder. In the navigation panel and on the new tab page (Work Centers area), you can select folders. If a folder has a default page defined, the associated default page is opened.

To define the Default Page option, on the Menu tab page in transaction PFCG select the relevant folder and choose Other Node Details. Then select the Default Page checkbox.


If a folder contains nothing but a default page, only one node will be inserted in the navigation tree representing the default page. The description shown on the index page and the navigation panel is taken from the folder.

Service Map

A service map generates an overview of the navigation structure of the next levels of the navigation tree, allowing the user to get a better overview of the business process represented by the folder.

To define the As Service Map folder option, select the relevant folder on the Menu tab page in transaction PFCG and choose Other Node Details. Then select the As Service Map option.

You can also specify an icon for folders within service maps in the Service Map Icon field. This is a 48 x 48 pixel icon that is used to visualize a folder in a service map. Entries with the format ~Pictogram/name are supported. The <name> must be a token from a predefined list of pictograms. To have this folder represented, for example with a train image in a service map, configure ServiceMap = ~Pictogram/Train.

Short texts entered in the Description field are rendered into the service map.

Folders defined as service maps are displayed on the index page when using an Overview Work Center or Overview Page link. This concepted is illustrated in the following figure:

Service Map Index Page

The applications in a folder that is defined as a service map in transaction PFCG are displayed as links above the links for subfolders, even if these applications appear further down in the navigation panel. On the service map, if you click the link that is a folder in transaction PFCG, you reach a page that contains the same application links.

The concept described above is illustrated in the following figure:

Service Map