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Analysis Path Framework (APF) is a SAPUI5 component that can be used as a foundation for creating analytical Web applications. APF has a public API that supports the following:

  • Building a Web application by using predefined UI elements

  • Configuring the Web application

  • Creating and processing analysis paths

  • Displaying data, for example, in interactive charts

  • Interaction between UI and path processing

  • Error and message handling

  • Interaction with the server using OData services

  • Saving analysis paths on the server

Internally, APF consists of the following submodules:

  • sap.apf.core
  • sap.apf.ui

The sap.apf.core module defines the foundation for analysis path processing. The sap.apf.ui module defines the UI and the rendering of the analysis path on the UI. It depends on the sap.apf.core module.