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Defining Application SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure

In this step, you define the application-specific settings in ABAP SMI.


For the direct connection to SAP Jam in a system used as an ABAP SMI hub or in any back-end system not using the ABAP SMI hub option, you have completed the steps described in Setting Up the OAuth Client.


You have to enter settings for each system and client.


  1. In Customizing for SAP NetWeaver, choose Start of the navigation path UI Technologies Next navigation step SAP Jam Integration> Next navigation step Define Application Settings End of the navigation path (or run transaction CLB2_APPLI_PLATF).
    The Change View "Application-Server Assignment": Overview screen appears.
  2. Assign an SAP Jam server to the Application ID.

    By default, the Application ID for ABAP SMI is delivered with the following values:

    Column Value
    Application ID DEFAULT
    Service Provider Type Jam
    Server Jam productive
    Caution If you have maintained entries for application ID SAIL in a previous support package, they will still be recognized. We recommend to copy these entries to DEFAULT as soon as possible.

    The server for SAP Jam was configured with your server URL in Defining Server Settings.

  3. Select the line with the above values and, in the Dialog structure, double-click Server Settings.
    The Change View "Server Settings": Details screen appears.
  4. In the Server Settings group box, enter the following values:
    Field Value
    Ext. Application ID Enter the name of the OAuth client on the SAP Jam side you defined in Setting Up the OAuth Client.
    Note Not required for the indirect connection.

    Consumer Key

    Enter the consumer key you retrieved from SAP Jam as described in Setting Up the OAuth Client.

    Note Not required for the indirect connection.
    HTTP Timeout

    Enter a value, if you need to set a timeout – for example, the UI technology has a shorter connection timeout than the REST call.

    For this field, set a value lower than the value for the UI timeout.

  5. Save your entries.


You have defined the application settings.