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Set up Tomcat to test SAPUI5 applicationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

To test on a Java web server, you can install an Apache Tomcat.


The recommended versions of Tomcat are 7.0 or higher.


  1. Download Tomcat from the respective web site. You can either install the Windows Service Installer, or download and unzip the zip file (you can find the startup script in the bin folder).
  2. To deploy your application, choose one of the following options:
    • Without Eclipse

      To deploy SAPUI5 on Tomcat without Eclipse, you can set up a Tomcat user with manager privileges (see the Tomcat documentation) and use the tomcat manager application for deployment. We recommend, however, to just move your war file into the webapps folder inside the tomcat directory. Tomcat takes care of the deployment, but a restart may be necessary.

      If you run Tomcat without Eclipse, set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to JDK7

    • In Eclipse

      To run web applications in Eclipse, you need to register the Tomcat web server.

      1. Open the Java EE perspective in Eclipse.
      2. Open the Servers view, for example by pressing CTRL + 3 and then entering Servers.
      3. To open the New Server wizard, choose Start of the navigation path New  Next navigation step Server End of the navigation path from the context menu.
      4. Choose Start of the navigation path Apache Next navigation step Tomcat 7.0 End of the navigation path and add a new server runtime by pointing to the folder in which you have unzipped the Tomcat installation files. Finish the wizard. You should now see Tomcat v7.0 server in the Servers view.
      5. Open the configuration overview by double clicking the Tomcat v7.0 server in the Servers view. Select the Serve modules without publishing server option.