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Checking the Operating System your Application is Running onLocate this document in the navigation structure

A platform attribute is added to the HTML tag when running on mobile devices.

This attribute provides information about the current platform and version.

Note The list of supported devices when using sap.m library can be found here: sap.m, sap.ui.table

In addition to that, SAPUI5 adds a platform-dependent CSS class to the HTML tag of the page. This enables control or application developers to create platform-dependent styling for their controls or applications.

Technical Details

When the SAPUI5 bootstrap script file is loaded, a check is performed to see if the application is running on a mobile platform. If this is the case, the attribute and CSS classes are added to the HTML tag. The platform attribute value has the following connotation: Operating system + version, for example iOS6.0, Android4.1.1 or bb10.0.9.2372. Operating system can have the following values:

  • iOS (Apple devices)
  • Android (Android devices)
  • bb (BlackBerry)
  • winphone (Windows phone)

The version numbers are separated by dots. The possible values for the CSS class are:

  • sap-ios (Apple devices)
  • sap-android (Android devices)
  • sap-bb (BlackBerry)
  • winphone (Windows phone)

The platform attribute or CSS class is used as follows:

  • To provide a different font on Android devices, you specify your font by directly using the CSS class sap-android.

    	     font-family: Roboto;
  • Example for providing a different font when running on Android 2.x:

    html[data-sap-ui-os^='Android2'] .sap-android{
    	font-family: "Droid Sans";