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Several new or changed features are available with the SAP Smart Business modeler apps.

  • Performance improvements have been made to the drill-down application.
  • The Comparison Tile Multiple Measures tile has been introduced. It displays multiple measures and allows you to pre-assign semantic colors for each measure.
  • You can now choose percentage (%) as a scaling factor for the KPI values.
  • The usability of mini chart configuration in the drill-down application has been improved. You can now delete mini charts and shuffle them across.
  • You can now copy drill-down configurations from one evaluation to multiple target evaluations.
  • Filter values are now preserved when you navigate to a different view. Filter values are also preserved when you navigate to other applications from the drill-down application or bookmark the drill-down application. In addition, when you change the filter values this changes the values in all mini charts, as well as the KPI aggregate value, and the chart or table view.

    When you carry out view navigation using the chart or table pop-over, not only is the current filter set preserved but the chart data-point or table-row selection context is applied as a filter for the next view (that is, context passing).

  • Mini charts are now click-enabled – they allow you to navigate to the corresponding drill-down configuration.
  • You can now export data shown in the chart or table view of a drill-down configuration to an Excel.
  • The Save as Tile feature is now enabled, which allows you to save a customized drill-down configuration as a new tile in your personal catalog and onto your Fiori launchpad.