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Using APF Configuration Modeler to Enhance an APF-Based ApplicationLocate this document in the navigation structure

You have installed an APF-based application that was shipped by SAP. If you want to make changes to the application, proceed as follows:

  1. Import the .json file and the .properties text file into the APF Configuration Modeler app.


    You can import the .properties file in any language. This allows you to switch the development language.

  2. Make the required changes in the APF Configuration Modeler and save the configuration.

    For example:

    • Change requests, for example, to replace the shipped data provisioning with your own one.
    • Create new categories for the analysis step gallery.
    • Reassign steps to other categories.
    • Create new analysis steps.
    • Add representation types to a step.
    • Change facet filter configurations.
  3. If you launch your application from a Smart Business KPI tile, ensure that the correct configuration is selected in the KPI tile configuration.
  4. If you changed or created texts that must be translated into languages other than your development language, export the text pool into a .properties file and perform the file-based translation process.