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For the third party libraries shipped with SAPUI5, security-related issues have to be observed.

The UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) ships with third-party libraries. jQuery is mandatory as SAPUI5 is based on it, and datajs is needed in case OData services should be used.


jQuery does not have any security-related documentation on their site, but they are known to be aware of security and usually reacting quickly in case security issues are found within their library.

SAPUI5 includes different versions of jQuery together with their own libraries, so also has the possibility to add custom security fixes to jQuery, if necessary.


datajs does not have any security-related documentation on their site.

SAPUI5 includes the datajs library and can add custom security fixes, if necessary.

Libraries Included by the Application

Applications based on SAPUI5 are allowed from a technical point of view to include arbitrary custom libraries within their application. SAPUI5 can, of course, not give any statement about the security of third-party libraries and can not ensure security of third-party libraries. The application has full responsibility for doing a security assessment of third-party libraries before using them and for embedding and using them in a secure manner.