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Translation Guide for SAPUI5 Application DevelopersLocate this document in the navigation structure

Texts in SAPUI5 applications can be translated in an ABAP system.

It is a requirement that the name of the file containing the text elements ends with '.properties' and a special key in the format # SAPUI5 TRANSLATION-KEY <GUID with 32 characters must be provided in the first line. In addition, every text element needs a classification such as the text type.

Before you translate texts, make sure that you are using the SAPUI5 repository to store your UI5 application artifacts, see Synchronizing with the SAPUI5 Repository.

Functional Overview
  • The purpose of the text API in the SAPUI5 repository is to enable an ABAP translation process for text elements of SAPUI5 applications developed in Eclipse that are stored in the SAPUI5 repository.

  • The text elements are included in a property file (here denoted as a '<name>.properties' file, where '<name>' stands for an identifier).

  • The text elements stored in '<name>.properties' files are transferred to an ABAP server.

  • In addition, these table entries are written to a transport request.

  • These texts can then be translated in the usual way.

  • The master language of the SAPUI5 repository is taken as the master language for the submitted text elements.

  • The translated texts can then be accessed during runtime.