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Browser support for sap.m and sap.ui.table libraries on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows platforms

The following tables give an overview of the platforms supported by the sap.m and sap.ui.table libraries using SAP Blue Crystal theme.

  • In general only major versions that are also supported by the respective platform are supported
  • For mobile operating systems, support is restricted to reference devices. For more information, see Device-Specific Policies

iOS is supported as of platform version 8.

Browser Support
Safari Yes
Web View Yes
SAP Fiori Client Yes
Google Chrome Yes
Opera No

Android is supported as of platform version 4.4.

Browser Support
Android Browser Yes
Google Chrome Yes
Web View No
SAP Fiori Client Yes
Opera No
Opera mini No
Firefox No

Touch is supported as of Windows 8.

Browser Supported Version
Internet Explorer 11 or higher
Microsoft Edge Latest version
SAP Fiori Client Latest Version
Mozilla Firefox Latest version and Extended Support Release*
Google Chrome Latest version
Safari None
Opera None

* In regards to handling touch events, there are some issues with Windows 8.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone is supported as of platform version 8.1 (update 1).

Browser Supported Version
Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher
Microsoft Edge Latest version on Windows 10
SAP Fiori Client Latest version
Web View Latest version
Opera None
  • For the maxLines property of the sap.m.Text control, multiline ellipsis handling is not supported for all browsers and devices and is not supported at all for right-to-left text direction. For more information, see Visual Degradations.
  • The sap.m.ComboBox control is not optimized for mobile devices that have small screen sizes. It may happen that not all options are displayed at once. If this is the case, use sap.m.Select.
  • Certain new or more complex controls that do not yet offer mobile device support also do not support Windows Phone at this time, such as: sap.m.FacetFilter, sap.m.ComboBox, sap.m.Tokenizer, sap.m.MultiInput, sap.m.MultiComboBox, and sap.ui.unified.Calendar.
  • When using the redirect method of the sap.m.URLHelper control, note that some browsers fail to open a new window or tab. This is the case for Windows Phone, for instance. As the redirect method is simply a wrapper of native JavaScript, the problem is that Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone is unable to return a valid window object for In addition, popup blockers can also prevent this function from working properly.