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Process for upgrading SAPUI5 tools


To upgrade SAPUI5 tools, download the new version of the SAPUI5 tools package from SAP Service Marketplace.


Note If you have installed SAPUI5 tools and SAPUI5 ABAP team provider, make sure that they are both updated at the same time. This is ensured if you follow the procedure described below.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Launch your Eclipse workbench.
  2. If you have downloaded the new version with a different name and/or stored at a different location instead of exchanging the old version with the new version, you have to update the list of available software sites in Eclipse to refer to the new location before you can start the update. Proceed as follows:
    1. Choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences End of the navigation path.
    2. Choose Start of the navigation path Install/Update Next navigation step Available Software Sites End of the navigation path.
    3. Select the entries that you have added for the installation or the last update and adjust them for the new version.
    4. Confirm your changes.
  3. Continue with the update as follows:
    1. To open the Updates wizard, choose Start of the navigation path Help Next navigation step Check for Updates End of the navigation path
    2. In the Available Updates list, select all UI development toolkit for HTML5 features and choose Next.
    3. Review the feature groups to be installed and choose Next.
    4. Accept the terms of the license agreement and choose Finish to start the installation of the selected feature groups.
    5. In the Certificates dialog, confirm the certificates of and SAP.