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External SAP Gateway System has a Different Client to the Front-end ABAP SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


To avoid an incorrect client user credentials request when running the launchpad and launchpad designer, configure the ICF nodes as described below:


  1. In your ABAP front-end system, access transaction SICF and choose Execute. The Maintain Services screen appears.
  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step External Alias End of the navigation path.
  3. Select Default Host and choose Start of the navigation path External Alias Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.
  4. Choose Trg Element and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP Next navigation step BC Next navigation step UI5_UI5 Next navigation step SAP End of the navigation path.
  5. Double-click the SAP node.
  6. In the External Alias field, enter /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap and enter a meaningful description.
  7. Choose the Logon Data tab. Leave the User field blank. In the Procedure field, select Required with Logon Data.
  8. Enter the client information as required and save your entries.
  9. Log on to your SAP Gateway system, call transaction SICF and navigate to the respective service that the launchpad and launchpad designer uses.
  10. Double-click the service PAGE_BUILDER_CONF.
  11. Choose the Logon Data tab. In the Procedure field, select Required with Logon Data.
  12. Repeat the steps (10- 11) for the following services - /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_CUST, /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_PERS, /UI2/TRANSPORT,/UI2/INTEROP.