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The Migration Tool app allows you to migrate content that you created with SAP Smart Business 1.0 (SP 02) Q2/2014 KPI modeler to the new SAP Smart Business Q3/2014 version.

The tool allows you to select specific data to be migrated to the new modeler. The Migration Tool is not applicable to custom drill-down apps.

Key Features
  • Select the KPIs that you want to migrate.
    When you migrate a KPI, you also migrate the following associated entities:
    • Evaluations
    • Evaluation values
    • Variants (evaluation filters)
    • Tags
    • Drill-down configurations

    The tile visualizations associated with the KPI are not migrated. As a result, you must create and activate new tile visualizations using the Configure KPI Tiles app after you migrate a KPI.

    Before the Migration Tool starts, it displays all the selected KPIs. As there is no entity in the new modeler (Q3/2014 release) that corresponds to the variant, the migration tool uses the old variant ID, and auto-generates an evaluation ID, which you can edit if required.

    When you choose Migrate, the Migration Tool converts data from the old format into the new format and updates the database tables of the new modeler (Q3/2014 release) with the new data. If there are errors in the migration process around the insertion of any of the entities, the errors are consolidated and shown as an error log in message box. All other changes are also reversed and no migration takes place. You must correct the root cause of the errors and repeat the migration process.

    When migration is complete, you can use the KPI Workspace app to search for the migrated KPIs and their associated entities.

System Landscape Requirements

You must install both the new version and the old version of the modeler in the same system before starting the migration process. The Migration Tool assumes that both the old tables and the new tables are available in the same backend system.

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