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To change the configuration of an APF-based application that was shipped by SAP, you must first import the corresponding JSON file as well as the text properties file into the APF Configuration Modeler.


Configuration files of APF-based applications that were shipped earlier cannot be imported. These configuration files do not contain a configuration GUID, which is required for importing.

To import the files, proceed as follows:

  1. On the footer toolbar of the Application Overview screen, click Import.
  2. Choose a configuration file for upload. The file must be in .json format.
  3. Choose a text properties file for upload. The file must be in .properties format. It is also possible to upload a text properties file only, for example, after translation or to switch the development language.
  4. Click Upload.

During import, the content of the configuration file is written into a configuration table. The content of the text properties file is written into a text table.

If the application with the GUID specified in the JSON file does not yet exist in the APF Configuration Modeler, it is created and the description and semantic object are filled based on the information in the JSON file. Otherwise, the configuration of the JSON file is added to an existing application.

If a configuration with the same GUID already exists, you can decide whether you want to overwrite it or create a new one. You can now edit the configuration and save the changes.