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SAPUI5 Library Location Used for TestingLocate this document in the navigation structure

The location of the SAPUI5 library that is used for testing may differ depending on several parameters.

If the SAPUI5 bootstrap tag contains src="resources/sap-ui-core.js", the SAPUI5 runtime libraries from the Eclipse plugin are used.

If you want to test your SAPUI5 application in Eclipse against a different SAPUI5 Library location, for example on the ABAP server when running in the SAP NetWeaver UI AddOn scenario, you can configure the ResourceServlet. For that, open the web.xml file located in the <WebContent folder name>/WEB-INF folder and configure the parameter and of the ResourceServlet where the placeholders {protocol}, {host name}, {port number}, {path to UI5 library} are to be exchanged by the real protocol, host name, port number and path to the SAPUI5 library, see Resource Handling, section Tunneling a Remote Location.

  <!-- force to use the remote location -->
 <!-- add the remote location for the UI5 libraries -->
    <param-value>{protocol}://{host name}:{port number}/{path to UI5 library}</param-value>