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Different browsers may behave differently - not only with regard to rendering and event handling, but also with regard to the debugging tools they provide. The Troubleshooting section gives guidance on how to deal with issues that may come up when developing SAPUI5 applications. This information is mainly intended for issues that occur at beginner level.

You can start to develop your application in any browser, but you should double-check on a regular basis whether your development also works with other browsers. For most browsers, press F12 on your keyboard to launch the development tools, or call them up from the browser menu. The following list gives you details about the various common browsers:

  • Chrome provides excellent built-in debugging capabilities.
  • Firefox provides built-in developer tools, but we recommend that you install the Firebug extension which offers more functionality.
  • Internet Explorer provides built-in developer tools, however these tools are lacking functionality or make some steps a little more complicated than necessary. For example, there is an extra button in the developer tools that you need to hit explicitly to start debugging, whereas in other browsers you just have to open the tools. Visual Studio provides a description of how to use Visual Studio for debugging applications for Internet Explorer under the title Debug Web Apps with Visual Studio.
  • Safari provides a native set of developer tools. For remote debugging on mobile devices, see [Link].