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You have different options to test your applications locally.

Depending on the environment your application is running on, you can use different options to deploy and run your SAPUI5 applications. But you can always test locally in your Eclipse.

Before deploying a SAPUI5 application that has been created by using the Eclipse SAPUI5 application development tool on a Java server, ensure to adopt the web.xml file in the <WebContent folder name>/WEB-INF folder of the SAPUI5 application by removing the mapping to the test resources. Test resources should only be used during testing. Remove or comment the following lines:

Testing in Eclipse

After having created your SAPUI5 application using the SAPUI5 application development tools, you can test it using the SAPUI5 application preview. From there you also can open your application in an external browser. Another option is to configure a Java web server and run your application there.

If your application has to access resources on a back-end system (OData), you must enable the back-end access for local testing.

Testing on a Java web server

With or without Eclipse, you always can set up a Java web server, such as Apache tomcat, to run your SAPUI5 applications.