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Every PAGE/CATALOG is accessed using three different scopes:
  • CONF(Configuration scope)
  • CUST(Customizing scope)
  • PER(Personalization scope)

All SAP applications ship their pages in the CONF scope.

The page administrators on the customer’s side can create pages in the CONF or CUST scopes depending on whether the page is client-independent or client-specific.

All of the end users access their pages in the PERS scope. The CONF, CUST, and PERS scopes define the degree of configuration on a page.

While the CONF scope is the most generic and applies to all of the users in all of the clients, the CUST scope is applicable to all of the users in a client and PERS is specific to an individual user. Pages created in the CONF scope are available in the CUST and PERS scopes. Pages created in the CUST scope are available in the PERS scope.

Note You cannot create pages in the PERS scope.