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As an administrator of SAP NWBC 5.0 you can use the former configuration files and the new administrator configuration file in the SAP UI landscape format to define user settings and connection configurations (landscape settings) respectively.

The following table details the files available to you for this purpose:

File Name


Administrator configuration file, e.g. SAPUILandscapeGlobal.xml

The name of this file can be changed. In this documentation, it is always referred to as SAPUILandscapeGlobal.xml.

Use this file to predefine connection configurations (landscape settings) that the end-user cannot change such as a set of possible system connections, side panels, or search providers.

XML template NwbcOptions.xml.template

Use this template to create the NwbcOptions.xml file that you can use to predefine NWBC settings for all end-users.

Adapt the XML template found under the following paths, and save it as an XML file:
  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SAP\NWBC\NwbcOptions.xml.template for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

  • C:\ProgramData\SAP\NWBC\NwbcOptions.xml.template for all other operating systems

Link file template NwbcRemoteOptions.xml.template

In this file you can specify a reference to a server (for example, or a reference to a share in the internal network (for example, file:///myfileshare/somepath/NwbcOptions.xml). If an administrator has defined a reference that is temporarily not available (for example, the server cannot be reached), the system displays an error message for end users and NWBC for Desktop cannot be started.

Use this template to create the NwbcRemoteOptions.xml file.

XML schema NwbcOptions.xsd

This file contains a set of rules to which the NwbcOptions.xml, that contains the administrator settings, must conform. As an administrator, you can use the XML schema to validate the NwbcOptions.xml against it.

Configuration with Administrator Configuration File

Further information about configuration with this file is found in NWBC Settings.

Configuration with NwbcOptions.xml

Further information about configuration with this file is found in NWBC Settings.

Note that you have the following options to distribute the NwbcOptions.xml file or the XML 'link' file NwbcRemoteOptions.xml to the end-users:

  • Use the RCP (remote copy) function.

  • Adapt the NWBC installer to enable the link to the server where you store the central XML file for all end-users.

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