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Defining URL RewritingLocate this document in the navigation structure

In this step, you define the mapping for the URLs that are sent as part of the notifications.


It is necessary to expose all UI and OData links in their external representation, and not to expose the internal proxy host or port name. To achieve this, an implicit URL must be rewritten for any given OData resource based on SAP table HTTPURLLOC.

Based on this definition, an implicit conversion takes place at run-time for all OData resource links that are part of the notifications.

The entries in the table HTTPURLLOC must reflect the proxy server settings (SAP Web Dispatcher or other).

These steps must be executed in your application back-end system, unless you are using the ABAP SMI hub. If you want to use the ABAP SMI hub, the definition must be made on the SAP Gateway server.


  1. On the SAP Gateway server, run transaction SE16.
  2. In table HTTPURLLOC, enter the following values:
    Field Value
    PROTOCOL Enter the protocol that the external communication source uses.

    For SAP Jam, this is HTTPS. Use SSL whenever possible.

    APPLICATN Specify the same application ID as used in Defining Application Settings.
    FOR_DOMAIN Enter the external representation of the URL that points back to the SAP Gateway server, for example, the address of your web dispatcher or reverse proxy that can forward requests to the SAP Gateway server.
    HOST and PORT Enter the internal server information for the SAP Gateway server.


    PORT: 8080

  3. Save your entries.
    Note Generally, you have to create one entry for each application server of the SAP Gateway server that can be addressed through the proxy. However, you can also specify a default entry, with host and port set to *, if it is not possible to specify all application servers at design time (for example, due to virtualization). At run-time, this default mapping entry is chosen for all servers where the system cannot find an explicit entry for their host and port name.

    Only links to OData resources that are explicitly passed are converted. ABAP SMI does not convert UI links nor parse the text segment (summary) of the notification.


You have defined the mapping for the URLs sent as part of notifications.