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The Manage Associations app allows you to create associations between KPIs or OPIs. Two types of association are available: supporting or conflicting.

You define a supporting association between two performance indicators whenever a change in one affects the other in the same direction (for example, the Manufacturing Cost KPI supports the Net Cost of Goods Sold KPI). You define a conflicting association if the two performance indicators influence each other negatively (for example, the Net Cost KPI impacts negatively on and the Net Sales KPI).

You can use these associations later in the Configure KPI Drill-Down app to add the tile visualizations of associated evaluations to the mini charts.

Key Features
  • Create an association between two KPIs or OPIs.

    Select an active KPI or OPI and then choose Add Association. Search for the KPI or OPI to which you want to associate this entity.

  • Choose whether the association is supporting or conflicting.
  • Choose the direction of the association (that is, from or towards the first KPI or OPI).
  • You can add a list of name and value properties. This information is only displayed at design time.
    Note As with all other SAP Smart Business modeler entities, you must activate the association before it can be accessed by the other apps. Only active entities are available at runtime.
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