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The Manage KPI Authorizations app allows you to set authorizations for active evaluations. Without these authorizations, users or roles cannot see the evaluation (or any active tiles or drill-down configurations associated with the evaluation) in the runtime environment.
Note An entity that you create using the SAP Smart Business modeler apps is not automatically visible to you when you logon to the runtime environment unless you have been authorized for the evaluation to which the entity is associated.
Key Features
  • View authorization details for an active evaluation by choosing the Info, Users, and Roles tabs on the Authorization Details screen
  • Authorize users and roles

    Select an active evaluation and choose Authorize Users and Roles to search for and select the relevant users and roles. The users and roles are created in the backend; they cannot be created within this app. On the Roles tab, the number and names of the users with each role are listed.

Note Unlike other SAP Smart Business modeler entities, you do not have to activate authorizations in a separate step. When a user or role is authorized for an evaluation, the authorizations are immediately effective and the evaluation is visible to the user or users with that role in the runtime environment.
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