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A BW Workspace enables business users to create ad-hoc scenarios for rapid prototyping.

A BW Workspace is an environment that is customized for a specific business user. The workspace provides the business user with selected, simplified SAP BW functions. This allows the the user to create ad-hoc scenarios, which are integrated into the BW landscape.

A BW workspace is an area where new models can be created based on central data from the BW system and local data. Workspaces can be managed and controlled by a central IT department and used by local special departments. This means you can quickly adjust to new and changing requirements. The aim of workspaces is to bridge the gap between the central requirements and the flexibility required locally. Central architected data marts from the IT department can be combined, in a workspace, with data marts from the specialized departments.

BW workspaces consist of an administrator tool, workspaces administration and the Workspace Designer - a Web-based working environment for business users.

The administrator has the following tasks to perform for workspace administration:

  • Creating and monitoring workspaces.

  • Making indexed InfoProviders from the BW system available in the workspaces.

  • Assigning authorizations for workspaces and data from the BW system.

The business user can do the following in Workspace Designer:

  • Upload his/her own data.

  • Create new data models based on their own data and InfoProviders.

  • Create queries.

The providers of a BW Workspace can be used as data sources in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office.


You are using a SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) or a SAP HANA database.

You have performed the required configuration steps. More information: Configuring BW Workspaces

You have set up the required authorizations. More information: Authorizations for BW Workspaces