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In some applications (for example, in finance applications), you may want to be able to select by node whether the sign for a key figures should be reversed. To do this, you can load the attribute Sign Reversal onto the hierarchy or you can set it in hierarchy maintenance for each hierarchy node. In the query, you can then reverse the sign in formulas by multiplication with a formula variable (replacement path from Sign Reversal hierarchy attribute).


To be able to use this function, the hierarchy must have flexible hierarchy structures. This is the case when the hierarchy is loaded via the PSA and, as a result, has transfer rules.  Refer toSpecial Features when Loading using the PSA.


In InfoObject maintenance, define whether reverse sign function is possible for the hierarchy basic characteristic (seeTab Page: Hierarchy). If reversing the sign is activated for hierarchies, the attribute 0SIGNCH is included in the communication structure for hierarchy nodes. You can find an example under Special Features when Loading using the PSA.

In hierarchy maintenance, you can specify whether the sign for transaction data booked to this node is to be reversed for each hierarchy node.

In the query definition, create a formula variable for reversing the sign.


You can find additional information about this procedure underUsing Sign Reversal.


You have a hierarchy based on receipts and expenditure. According to accountancy logic, income is displayed with a negative sign and expenses are shown with positive sign. Adding these values produces the profit.

Under certain circumstances, it may be advisable to circumvent accountancy logic and display the query income with a positive sign. This is where reversing the sign comes in. In our example, one would only activate sign reversal for income.

The following graphic illustrates such a case: Reversing the sign is activated for the node REV (Revenue) and its sub-nodes.   In the third column, the amounts appear without sign reversal, that is, with a negative sign. In the fourth column, the amounts are calculated using a formula variable with reversing the sign and then displayed as a positive value.

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