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Using Local Providers for BW Integrated PlanningLocate this document in the navigation structure

In BW Workspace Designer, you can create a local provider for BW Integrated Planning.

You need to activate the Planning Applications Kit, in order to use this function. This requires a license for Business Objects Planning and Consolidation, Version for SAP NetWeaver. See SAP Note 1637199 Information published on SAP site for more details.

When creating a local provider in Workspace Designer, you can set the For Planning property, so that the provider can be used for BW Integrated Planning. When you save and activate the provider, an aggregation level and an input-ready standard query are then created automatically. The name of the query is then displayed in the summary after activation. You can then see your provider under Provider Properties, in My Workspace on the Local Providers tab page.

At the created aggregation level, you can then create planning functions and work as you usually do when planning company data.

If you delete a local provider for planning, or deactivate the For Planning property, the dependent planning objects - aggregation level, queries, filters, planning functions or planning sequences - are deleted too. If data slices and characteristic relationships have been defined, these are also deleted. If a MultiProvider is used in the provider, this is set to inactive.

If you want to load this local provider again, the system checks whether any locks have been set by planning. If it finds any locks, the provider cannot be loaded again until these have been removed. Until the load process is complete, locks ensure that no planning can be carried out on the provider.

In My Workspace, on the Local Providers tab page, you can subsequently activate or deactivate the For Planning property.

If you use SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, Version for SAP NetWeaver, you will also see objects from SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation in your workspace. However, you cannot change these objects.