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To be able to use report-report interfaces in executed queries, you must define a sender/receiver assignment.

You use the sender/receiver assignment to make the settings required to connect a query in SAP BEx to the report-report interface (RRI). You can assign receiver reports to a sender report - a BEx query - in either the BW system or in another SAP system.


Creating Sender/Receiver Assignments

  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen in the BW system, choose SAP Menu → Business Explorer → Query → Maintain Sender-Receiver Assignment. The Maintain Sender/Receiver Assignment screen appears.
  2. Select one of the two tab pages and enter the required data.




    Enter the technical name of the sender query or select a query using input help.


    If you want to assign the same jump destinations to all queries for an InfoProvider, enter the technical name of the InfoProvider or select it using input help.

  3. Choose Create. The Maintain Sender/Receiver Assignment dialog box appears.
  4. Under Report Type, select a receiver. You have the following options:
    Report Type Description

    BEx Query

    Jump to a query created using BEx Query Designer.

    More information:BEx Query As Receiver

    BEx Web Application (SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0)

    Jump to a BEx Web application that is an executed Web template created using BEx Web Application Designer. You need the SAP NetWeaver BW's Java-based runtime for this.

    BEx Web Application (SAP BW 3.x)

    Jump to an ABAP-based BEx Web application (SAP BW 3.x) created using BEx Web Application Designer (version SAP BW 3.x).

    Crystal Report

    Jump to a formatted report in Crystal Enterprise. You can also use a BEx report for formatted reporting.

    Xcelsius Dashboard

    Jump to an Xcelsius dashboard

    InfoSet Query

    Jump to an InfoSet query (queries on Classic InfoSets) InfoSet queries are usually queries on master data.


    Jump to a transaction in an SAP system. The transaction must be classified for using SAP GUI for HTML.

    More information:Creating a Transaction As a Receiver

    ABAP/4 Report

    Jump to an ABAP/4 report in an SAP system.

    Web Address

    Jump to any Web address and pass the parameters in the URL.

    More information:Creating a Web Address As a Receiver

    Own Report Type

    Jump to any target in the Web or SAP GUI for HTML. The call and the parameters can be modified using customer-specific code.

    More information:Creating Your Own Report Type As a Receiver

    More information:Receivers.

  5. Choose a Target System. You have the following options:

Local: The jump target is within the BW system.

Source system: The jump target is outside of the BW system.

  • One source system as a target system:

    Specify the name of the source system. You can also choose the source system using input help.

  • All source systems as target systems:

    Choose All Source Systems. Specify the source system where you want to select the required report initially.

    Log on to this source system.

If All Source Systems is selected, the jump destination in BEx Web Applications is always the first source system.

  1. In the Report field, enter a description for the receiver report. Once you have saved your entry, this description is displayed as the Report Title.
  2. Choose . The Maintain Sender/Receiver Assignment screen appears.
  3. Save your entries.
  4. If absolutely necessary, you can still maintain the assignment details. More information:Maintaining Assignment Details.

Changing Sender/Receiver Assignments

Once a receiver has been created, you can make the following changes to the input-ready fields in the table.

Group Description


Report Title

Specify a name.

Source System

Select the required source system using input help. To assign all source systems, enter an asterisk (*).


If an InfoProvider receive data from multiple InfoSources, you can specify which InfoSource to extract data from when assigning the received report. In the InfoSource column, select the InfoSource you want to use by using input help.

If you also want to change the Report Type, Target System, or Report settings, choose Change. The Maintain Sender/Receiver Assignment screen appears. Make the required changes and choose Apply.

Deleting Sender/Receiver Assignments

  1. If you want to delete an assignment, select the relevant row entry in the Receiver table.
  2. Choose Delete. The system deletes the selected assignment.

Transporting Sender/Receiver Assignments

To call the transport connection, choose Transport Wizard. You can use this to transport sender/receiver assignments that you have created. All jump destinations are then transported together. Queries as sender are collected by the object collector as required objects, and receivers as optional objects.


Jump targets that have been assigned to a BEx query are available for selection in Web applications and in BEx Analyzer. You can access them by choosing Goto in the context menu.

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