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Creating CompositeProviders that Consist of Analytic IndexesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You are using an SAP HANA database or a SAP BW Accelerator.

You have already created one or more analytic indexes, either in APD or by publishing SAP HANA models in BW. More information: Creating TransientProviders on SAP HANASAP HANA Models


A CompositeProvider is an InfoProvider, which combines data from several analytic indexes or from other InfoProviders (by Join or Union), and makes this data available for reporting and analysis.

A CompositeProvider created in the Analysis Process Designer can only contain analytic indexes.


  1. You are in the analysis process designer. Choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Edit CompositeProvider End of the navigation path. The screen for editing CompositeProviders appears (transaction RSLIMO).
  2. Enter a name for your CompositeProvider. The maximum length of the name is 10 characters. The system adds the prefix @3 to the InfoProvider name.
  3. Choose Create. The graphical modeling environment appears.
  4. Initially, the CompositeProvider to be created is displayed as an empty object. The InfoProvider tree is displayed on the left. By selecting Hide Empty Folders you can restrict the view to InfoAreas containing analytic indexes.

    Find the analytic index that you want to use in the CompositeProvider. Drag and drop it onto the modeling area.

  5. In a dialog box, you can decide whether to link by Union or Join. Press OK. The selected analytic index is displayed in the modeling area. You can now select more analytic indexes.
  6. Now drag the fields from the analytic indexes to your empty CompositeProvider. Using lines, the system now shows which analytic indexes the fields come from. If a line is a join, it has the label Join and is displayed in bold.
  7. You have various options for checking the join connections. More information: Extended Checks
  8. You can change the name of a field and enter a description. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Properties Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path from the context menu on the field.

    The maximum length of the field names is 10 characters. If they are longer, the system assigns the name F001, F002 and so on. If a field name already exists, a Fnnn name is assigned. The descriptions are always taken over from the original field.

  9. For Key Figures: You can assign a currency or unit from a characteristic. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Properties Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path from the context menu on the key figure.
  10. For information about other editing functions, see: Further Functions for Editing CompositeProviders
  11. You can also fill a field from a constant. To make this possible, at least two analytic indexes must be used a a union.

    To do this, choose Constant from... from the context menu for a field that is not connected with all union indexes.


    An analytic index 1 contains the Country field, whereas an analytic index 2 only contains data for Germany, without the Country field. To be able to connect all fields correctly by union, the Country field must be linked from both analytic indexes.

    In the CompositeProvider, set the constant for Country to DE (Germany). This means that the field in the CompositeProvider from analytic index 2 is always filled with Germany.

  12. You can view the CompositeProvider's XML structure.
  13. Activate the CompositeProvider. When the CompositeProvider is activated, the data is stored in BW Accelerator or the SAP HANA database. You can now view the data by choosing Display Data.