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Copying and Managing key FiguresLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Key Figure Copying Allowed flag has been set in the Administration screen of your workspace.


You can copy calculated and restricted key figures, which have been defined for the individual InfoProviders of a CompositeProvider, as the global key figures for a CompositeProvider. You can delete key figures that have already been copied, or update them if the original key figures have changed.


  1. You are in Workspace Designer, in the screen area Start of the navigation path My Workspace Next navigation step CompositeProvider End of the navigation path.
  2. Select a CompositeProvider and choose the Key Figures tab in the lower screen area. Any key figures you have already copied are displayed here.
  3. Choose Key Figure Administration to copy key figures or manage copied key figures.

    The upper part of the screen Available Key Figures shows all calculated and restricted key figures that can be copied. Display All Key Figures also displays the key figures that cannot be copied. The Can Be Copied column shows which key figures can be copied and the reason why certain key figures cannot be copied.

  4. To copy key figures, select one or more key figures and choose Add. The selected key figures are displayed in the lower screen area under Copied Key Figures and flagged for copying. A name suggestion is generated that you can either accept or change.
  5. If key figures have been copied, the Status column shows whether changes have been made to the original key figure. If a key figure has been changed, you can set a flag in the Update column. When they are saved, all key figures flagged for updating are set to the current status of the original template key figure.

    Any changes made to the copied key figures in BEx Query Designer are lost.

  6. To delete copied key figures, select the required key figures and choose Remove. The key figures are displayed again in the upper part of the screen, under Available Key Figures. They are not permanently deleted until you press save.
  7. Choose Save once you have finished editing the key figures. The relevant key figures are copied or deleted, depending on what you have selected.