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A link node is a hierarchy node that refers to another hierarchy node, which is known as the original node.


With a link node you can hang the subtree that is under the corresponding, original node several times in a hierarchy.


The link node has the same name (NODENAME) as the original node externally, while internally it keeps another ID (node ID).

The link node succeeds all properties and subtrees for the original node. It has no children "of its own". The children transferred from the original node are not displayed in the hierarchy maintenance.

Link and original nodes differ with regard to their parent nodes and neighboring nodes.

These special features are expressed by the indicator that is set with the link node.


Loading link nodes

The link node has its own NODEID and PARENTID when loading. The CHILDID has to be blank. NODENAME, INFOOBJECT, and the time intervals (fields of the from-to date), if necessary, are identical to the values for the original node. The link indicator must be set.

You can find additional information using the named fields underDownloading Hierarchies from Flat Files.


The following graphic illustrates how a specific, customer organization hangs both under the Sales Organization New York as well as under the Sales Organization California.

In the hierarchy maintenance, only the link node is displayed as a reference to the original. The arrow clarifies this relationship. In the query, the children nodes transferred from the original node are contrasted here in white.

The value is not counted twice for the overall total Sales Organization USA.

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