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Activating Data Backups for Local ProvidersLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can activate data backups for local providers for each BW workspace. Backups of the uploaded data (of the local providers that is) are then created in the database. These backup copies are then available in case data needs to be recovered at some stage. They are also needed if data is migrated from the the BW system to an SAP HANA database.


You can only use this function if you are using a BWA. If you are using a SAP HANA database, a DB backup is performed instead (primary persistence).


Activate Data Backups for a Workspace

  1. You are in the workspace editing screen. Choose the Settings tab.

  2. Under Settings for Local Providers, choose Back Up Data.


This setting cannot be changed any more once there are local providers in the workspace.

Setting Data Backups for All Workspaces as the Default Setting

You can make a setting in the global BWA index settings so that the data backup for local providers of a BW workspace is set automatically by the system and cannot be changed.

More information: Maintaining Global BWA Index Settings

(Retroactively) activate data backups for multilple workspaces

If you want to activate data backups although the workspace already contains local providers, or if you want to activate data backups for more than once workspace at a time, proceed as follows:

  1. In the BW Workspace administration transaction, choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Create Data Backup End of the navigation path.

  2. Select one or more workspaces and choose Execute. The Data Backup flag is set, and backups are created of all local providers of the workspace.

Deactivate Data Backups

You can use program RSL_WSP_BACKUP_DELETE to deactivate the data backup for selected BW workspaces. The backup copies of all associated local providers (the uploaded data) are deleted. After the program has been run, the data backup function is inactive for the selected workspaces, meanting that no data backups are performed for subsequently uploaded data.