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A query that is created for every InfoProvider in the BW system by default is called a standard query.

The standard query is created when an InfoProvider is accessed for the first time. It contains all characteristics of an InfoProvider as free characteristics and a structure with all key figures of the InfoProvider.

It can be used for test and analysis purposes, but cannot normally replace a query modeled for specific customer purposes.


Special naming conventions apply for standard queries. These depend on the area that they are called in:

  • BW Server: !<InfoProvider-Name>
  • BICS: !<InfoProvider-Name>
  • MDX: $<InfoProvider-Name>

On input-ready InfoProviders (an aggregation level for example) there is a standard query that is also input-ready. This has a special naming convention: !!I<InfoProvider-Name>. If an aggregation level contains characteristics used as key figures, the associated input-ready standard query can also contain this type of characteristics (see Editing Short Texts in Queries).