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BW Workspace Designer enables business users to easily create new models for data analysis or enhance existing models. Various BW InfoProviders are available in the workspace. You can also upload your own providers. In a CompositeProvider, you can connect your own data to BW data by using union or join. This means you can react quickly to new or modified requirements.

Queries are usually based on MultiProviders. If new fields need to be added, these MultiProviders have to be changed on the back end. BW Workspace Designer enables you to react quickly to new analysis requirements: This means you can add fields to a query without changing the objects on the back end. The BW system administrator is still responsible for managing and checking the data from the BW system and for data storage (InfoProviders).

You might be planning a sales campaign for example and want to combine plan data with the actual sales data for 2010 and display ABC customer ranking data too. The plan/actual data has been stored in the BW in two InfoCubes that are contained in a MultiProvider. You have saved the customers' ABC ranking in an Excel file. You upload the file with ABC data to your workspace. The two InfoCubes are automatically connected by union in your workspace. You can then link the data from your file by join.

Area: My Workspace

Here you see an overview of

  • All CompositeProviders created in this workspace

  • The assigned central providers (that you can use as the basis for CompositeProviders)

  • Your own local providers

  • The settings for this workspace

More information: My Workspace

Area: Create CompositeProviders

Here you can create CompositeProviders.

More information: Creating CompositeProviders in BW Workspace Designer

Area: Create Local Provider

Here you can upload local providers that you want to use in a CompositeProvider.

More information: Creating Local Providers

Area: Create Local Characteristic
Here you can create a local characteristic that takes its attributes from a central master InfoObject.

More information: Creating a Local Characteristic

Area: Workspace Tools

If you have authorization for several workspaces, you can decide which workspace you want to work in on the Change Workspace tab page. If you just have authorization for one workspace, this is selected automatically.

On the Unlock Workspace tab page, you can revoke Workspace locks caused by Internet browser problems for example.

On the Clear Workspace tab page, you can can select CompositeProvider to view CompositeProviders created or last accessed before a certain date. Under Local Providers, you can view local providers that exceed a certain size or that were created or last used before a certain date.

You can then delete any objects that you do not need anymore.