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Transaction RSDD_LTIP provides you with an overview of all available analytic indexes. You can also manage these indexes here. Here you also see the analytic indexes created in Workspace Designer and the indexes generated using the function for publishing SAP HANA models.

More information:

Creating Local Providers

Publishing SAP HANA Models

You can create new analytic indexes here too.

Overview of Analytic Indexes

If you leave all input fields empty and choose Execute, the system displays a list of all analytic indexes in the system together with the corresponding TransientProviders. You can also refine your selection. In the result list, you can go to the display/editing screen by double clicking on the name of an analytic index.

The status shows you whether the metadata of the index corresponds to the physical store.

You can see how much memory the objects use and you can delete obsolete objects.

TREX Administration

From here, you can go to the TREX Administration transaction (if using a BWA) or the DBA Cockpit (if using a SAP HANA database).