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The following section looks at how hierarchy nodes can appear in duplicate in a hierarchy, both for real and only in a BEx query display:Link Nodes

A node and the complete sub-tree under this node can be inserted several times into a hierarchy as a link node (seeLink Nodes). All leaves of this node appear more than once in the overall hierarchy.

Duplicate Leaf

In hierarchy maintenance, it is possible to hang a leaf (characteristic value) under as many different nodes as you require. A leaf can, however, only be positioned once directly under the same node.


For both duplicate leaves and leaves in subtrees under link nodes, the values of the duplicate leaves are only considered once by the system internally. When aggregating, the system automatically calculates what are called correction leaves for the superordinate node.


If a leaf Lo lies three times amongst the descendants of a node No, the value is added three times internally and then subtracted twice by the 'correction node'.

Postable Nodes

Starting point:


If an additional leaf L1 and/or a node L1 is added to the hierarchy node B , node N becomes a postable node N'. Leaf L lies under node N' , followed by L1 and node N1. Leaf L is not displayed in hierarchy maintenance, but is displayed in the query. Node N1 does not have a value: It is displayed in hierarchy maintenance but not in the query.

A cost center hierarchy is a typical case that shows how useful this display behavior can be: If L' is the cost center in question, the superior of B1 und K1, it is important to be aware of the costs that are directly posted to the cost center B and not to one of the subordinate cost centers.

Via Hierarchy Attributes you can set up that leaves - such as Leaf L in our example- are not displayed in the BEx Query (seeHierarchy Attributes).