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Maintaining Hierarchy VersionsLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. From the main menu in the Data Warehousing Workbench, select Tools  → Maintain Hierarchy Versions. The Characteristic 0HIER_VERS - Maintain Master Data: Selectionscreen appears.
  2. Select a hierarchy version that is already available in the system. Input help is available.

    If you want to create or modify versions in a particular language, select the corresponding language key.

  3. Choose Execute. The Characteristic 0HIER_VERS - Maintain Master Data: List screen appears.
  4. You use the Change function to modify existing versions and the Create function to create new hierarchy versions. A dialog box appears, in which you specify the hierarchy version and enter a long description for it. (The language is set to correspond to the language key that you specified on the selection screen.)
  5. Enter the appropriate texts.
  6. Choose Continue.

    In the hierarchy maintenance screen, you can create various hierarchy versions under the same technical name by copying a hierarchy and saving the copy as a different hierarchy version. However, you can only specify the description of the hierarchy version in the master data maintenance screens of the 0HIER_VERScharacteristic.


You have modified an existing version of a hierarchy or created a new hierarchy version including a descriptive text. You can use this version when you create a hierarchy with versions.

The texts for the hierarchy version and the description are independent of the hierarchy basic characteristic.


If, for example, the version 001 has the text "Plan", each hierarchy version 001 has the text "Plan", regardless of which hierarchy basic characteristic was used to define the hierarchy.

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