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Cells with Constant Selection on the Element (CSE) and Constant Selection on the Characteristic (CSC) Locate this document in the navigation structure

Constant selection on a selection element (CSE) takes precedence over the constant selection on the characteristic (CSC) defined on selections in this structure element. The constant selection (CSC) defined on characterstic M is ignored for an element with (CSE). This applies especially for special functions in connection with (CSC) in the context of characteristic 0INFOPROV.

In the case of queries with two structures, all cells originating from a structure element with constant selection (CSE) inherit the property (CSE). This means that the cells inherit all filters from both participating structure elements, and all other filters are ignored as though all filters in the cell had been defined by a single structure element with (CSE). For this cell it therefore makes no difference whether the Constant Selection property has been set on the structure element (CSE) on one structure element or on both, and the resulting constant selection (CSE) also takes precedence over any constant selection on the characteristic (CSC) for this cell.


See Constant Selection in Examples, Example 1.