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Creating Local Providers: DataSource as SourceLocate this document in the navigation structure


Select DataSource

  1. Select a DataSource. You can choose from the following:

    • File DataSources,

    • DB Connect DataSources

    • and UD Connect DataSources

    • SAP DataSources and export DataSources for which direct access has been set as Permitted on the Extraction tab page during definition.

Change Columns

  1. The data types are determined automatically from the DataSource. The system can also tell whether it is a characterstic or a key figure.

  2. You can change a key figure into a characteristic if it is a time stamp for example, and you want to use the time stamp as a character string.

  3. You can set a filter to restrict the data volume during the upload.


    We recommend setting ths filter, as the upload takes place in the dialog and therefore cannot be packaged. This helps to limit the time it takes to upload the data. For larger amounts of data you should therefore create an InfoProvider in the BW system.

  4. Select the fields that you need.

  5. You can overwrite the field names.

  6. Choose Continue.

Edit Provider Properties
  1. By choosing For Planning, you can make the provider usable for BW Integrated Planning. During the upload, an input-enabled query is automatically created. More information: Using Providers for BW Integrated Planning

  2. Choose Upload and Activate Provider.