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The Memory Management tab page provides information about the current settings concerning the distribution of data on the BWA server for InfoCubes (including InfoCubes belonging to HybridProviders and SPOs) and VirtualProviders. These can be either system settings or settings defined by the user. This information is of particular relevance for Support.

Under Options, the following parameters are displayed:

Create BWA Index Flat/Not Flat (for InfoCubes Only)

BWA indexes for InfoCubes can be created either as flat or as not flat. Flat means that the InfoCube's dimension tables are expanded on the database during indexing. The master data IDs (SIDs) of the attributes for the InfoCube's characteristics are written directly to the fact index on the BWA. This applies to all dimensions except the package dimension, which contains the request information. This is also created for flat BWA indexes.


A flat fact index on the BWA server does not contain a maximum of 16 dimension columns. Instead, it contains one column per InfoCube characteristic, plus a package dimension column. The characteristic index join goes directly to the fact index.

With more than one large dimension table, this generally results in better performance at query runtime. Indexing can therefore be more time-consuming. More memory might be required on the BWA server too.

Expected Size of the BWA Index (Number of Records)

The way that data is split on the BWA server depends on the size of the fact index. The value entered here is either the default value, i.e. the actual size of the fact index, or the value entered by the user, i.e. the expected number of records in the fact table. If the default value is used, and the amount of data in the fact index increases significantly after being created, the data on the BWA server will be reorganized.

Editing Mode

In editing mode, you can override the system settings or any older settings of your own for the selected InfoProvider.

Create BWA Index Flat/Not Flat (for InfoCubes Only)

The system decides to create a flat BWA index for an InfoCube if at least two dimension tables exceed the size of the fact table by more than 20 %. Parameter Flat or Not Flat can be used to override this default value for the selected InfoCube.


The threshold value can then be changed throughout the system using RSDDTREXADMIN parameter 'FLATFACTOR'.

Expected Size of the BWA Index (Number of Records)

You can specify how many records are expected in the fact table.

Change the parameter if you expect the amount of data in the fact index to increase significantly after creation. To avoid having to reorganize the data on the BWA server, you can specify the amount of data that you expect the fact index to contain in future.