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In the query definition, you make selections to specify which data is visible when a report is run. You can then use navigation and filtering to can restrict the filter selection at runtime.

The property Constant Selection allows you to define a selection in query definition as constant. Navigation and filters then have no effect on this selection at runtime. This makes it easy to select reference sizes that do not change while the report is running.

Filter on a Query Result Cell

As constant selection is a property that influences the effect of filters on cells, it is important to know which filters can affect a query result cell. For the sake of transparency, the following abbreviations will be used for the filters. In general, the following filters can have an effect:

  • The global or fixed filter (SF). This represents all restrictions, which you can make for characteristics in the query definition and which are in the free characteristics or the columns and rows under Filter.

  • The dynamic filter (SD), restrictions in the query's navigation block.

  • The attributes of the drilldown characteristics (SA). These are the characteristic values that are in the corresponding header column or column header.

Depending on the number of structures in the query, other filters can also have an effect on the cell.


An illustrated example of a query with a key figure structure in the rows and a characteristic structure in the columns:

  • If the query contains two structures, the following filters take effect:

    • The filter from the selection in the first structure (S1). The structure element in the first structure will be referred to from now on as Eo.

    • The filter from the selection in the second structure (S2). The structure element in the second structure will be referred to from now on as Fo.

    • If it is an exception cell, (S1) and (S2) are replaced by the filter on the exception cell (SC).

  • If the query contains a structure, the filter affects the selection for this structure (S1), and (S2) is omitted.


The Constant Selection property is offered for selections in structural components, cells and restricted key figures.

  • You can also define components of selections - individual characteristics and their filter values - as constant. During navigation, the selection only remains unaffected by filters with relation to this characteristic.


    A restricted key figure cannot be selected as a constant in its entirety. This is only possible for its characteristics.

  • You can define entire selections as constant on structural components and cells. During navigation, a constant selection is independent of all filters.

  • Constant selection on a selection element (CSE) takes precedence over the constant selection on the characteristic (CSC) defined on selections in this structure element.