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The analytic manager of the BW system provides extensive reporting and planning functionalities. The planning processor allows you to create planning applications. The scope of these applications can range from simple manual data entry through to complex planning scenarios.

The following graphic provides an overview of the possible deployment scenarios: You can use the BW System either on a known - but not in-memory optimized - database (with an optional SAP BW Accelerator) or on the SAP HANA database. For the latter case, there are two scenarios: The read accesses are performed either in-memory optimized or with planning-specific core functionalities as part of "deep integration".


Note that the various deployment scenarios have different license models.

The following table provides an overview of the differences between the deployment scenarios. It shows that the difference is in terms of performance rather than actual features.

Server-Side Function

Standard on Classic Database

Standard on SAP HANA Database

Optimized on SAP HANA Database

Full Features




Integration of Reporting and Planning




In-Memory Optimized Read Accesses

Supported (with Additional SAP BW Accelerator)



In-Memory Optimized Planning Functionality


More Information

The following sections provide details of the various aspects of planning with SAP Business Warehouse:

BW-Integrated Planning

With BW-Integrated Planning, it is possible to create planning applications that are deeply integrated with the BW system. When creating planning solutions of this kind, you can benefit from all of the advantages of a Business Warehouse, such as integration with both SAP and third-party systems, integration with the ERP system, and the same tools and master data, transaction data and metadata for planning and reporting.

For information about the concepts in BW Integrated Planning that allow you to build integrated analytic applications, see Planning Business Data with BW Integrated Planning.

For information about using Planning Modeler as a tool for modeling all planning-specific metadata objects from BW Integrated Planning, see Planning Modeler.

Planning Applications Kit

In BW, you can perform planning using internal database routines. In SAP HANA database, you can perform SAP HANA-optimized planning. More information: SAP Note 1637199.


To be able to use the Planning Applications Kit, check the licensing conditions for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver: Embedded

Planning & Consolidation Embedded makes it possible to create integrated planning solutions in a BW system that runs on SAP HANA, thereby providing high flexibility and usability for specialist users. It includes settings on the Environment of Planning & Consolidation Embedded for the underlying data model of the BW-Integrated planning or the SAP HANA-optimized execution in the Planning Applications Kit. A web-based administrator client allows end users to define and monitor planning processes of their own without having to call on the IT department.


Check the licensing conditions for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver.

Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS)

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