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Display Mode

The Indexing Performance tab page provides information about the current settings. These can either be system settings or settings defined by the user, which then override the global parameters for the selected InfoProvider.

Under Options, the following parameters are displayed:

Split Mode for Fact Table

During initial indexing of an InfoCube, the two fact tables (E and F table) are divided into n disjunct parts once a certain size is reached. n is the value of the parameter for the batch variant. The split mode determines how these blocks are formed.

Number of Parallel aRFCs [NUMPROC]

The NUMPROC parameter shows how many asynchronous dialog processes the system can use at the same time per background process in order to parallelize indexing.

If the maximum number of dialog processes defined in this parameter have started, the main process waits until one of the processes have completed before starting another asynchronous dialog process.


The data packages that the system reads from the database/data source are transferred to the BWA server in separate dialog processes. This parallel processing can be used for all index types and for every indexing process (initial, roll-up, change run) where the process runs in the background. If possible, the system reads the data from the data source for the index in packages. From the database, this is performed using OPEN CURSOR and FETCH NEXT PACKAGE. Every data package is moved to an asynchronous dialog process, where the data is sent to the BWA server and indexed there. The main process begins immediately by reading the next data package. If there are no more dialog processes in the system (or in the RFC group) when the new dialog process starts, the system also waits (for 20x5 seconds) before terminating the process and displaying a "Resource failure" message (see Note 961403).

Package Size When Filling a BWA Index (in KB)

The package size defines how the size of the data packages that are read by the database and transferred to the BWA Engine by RFC when a BWA index is filled.

Batch Variant Initial Indexing

The system displays which settings were used for parallel processing in the background (process type TREXINDEXP for batch parallelization of initial BWA indexing).

If the Batch Variant Initial Indexing field is blank, the system uses the standard variant with the parameters displayed below:

  • How many processes have been processed in parallel,

  • Which priority (job class) was set,

  • Which server/host the processes ran on.

Editing Mode

In editing mode, you can override the system settings or any older settings of your own for the selected InfoProvider.

Split Mode for Fact Table

The default value is the value in parameter ;SPLITTYPE'. This can be edited in the program RSDDTREX_ADMIN_MAINTAIN.

Here you determine how the fact tables will be split into blocks when the selected InfoCube is indexed:


Split Mode

Value = I

Ranges are formed using the block characteristic (request ID for F tables, finest time characteristic for E tables).

Value = R

The values of the block characteristic are distributed to the n pools in a round robin procedure and then used as an IN list during selection.

Value other than R or I

The standard value is used.

The question of which of the methods is best depends to a large extent on the data distribution.

Number of Parallel aRFCs [NUMPROC]

The system default value for parameter NUMPROC is 5.

You can define here how many asynchronous dialog processes the system can use per background process for parallel processing of the indexing of the chosen InfoProvider in SAP BW Accelerator.


The system default can be set using the BWA Monitor. For more information, see Monitoring SAP BW Accelerator (Start of the navigation path BW Accelerator Next navigation step Index Settings Next navigation step Change Global Parameters End of the navigation path).

Package Size When Filling a BWA Index (in KB)

The default value is 10 MB, but can be increased to 100 MB for larger application servers. Normally, the bigger the package size the better.

Batch Variant Initial Indexing

  1. To create your own batch variant, enter a name and choose Create. The Settings for Parallel Processing dialog box appears.

  2. To change an existing batch variant (apart from the system standard variant), enter the name (using input help if required) and choose Change. The Settings for Parallel Processing dialog box appears.

  3. Make the required settings and choose Save.