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The BWA Index Settings tab page provides information about the most recent change (name of the user, date and time) made in BWA indexes to InfoCubes (including InfoCubes belonging to HybridProviders and SPOs), VirtualProviders, hierarchies, master data and queries, and about the status of the formatting for BWA index for reporting.


If the BWA index is for a query snapshot, the system displays the date and time of the last modification to the BWA index in Data Modification, together with the date and time of the last modification to the InfoProvider that the query is based on. If the time stamp of the snapshot index is not older than the time stamp of the InfoProvider that the query is based on, the system uses the BWA index at query runtime. Otherwise, the data is not read by the BWA. It is read by the database from the query as InfoProvider instead.

Under Status, you can find the following information:

  • The system indicates whether the BWA index is activated or deactivated for access via queries.

  • The system can activate or deactivate a BWA index for a variety of reasons. The system then indicates the Technical reason for deactivation.


    Example: BWA index inactive during deletion of requests (D).

  • If the corresponding system parameter for using a SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is set in the BW system (see Indexing BW Data for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer), the system also shows the Explorer status for InfoCubes and VirtualProviders.

  • The system indicates whether the BWA index is assigned to a BW workspace.

Editing Mode

Under Status, you can activate or deactivate the BWA index for access using queries (except for query snapshots as InfoProviders).

You can also assign the BWA index to a BW workspace. If you choose Maintain Workspace Assignment, the system displays a list of all existing assignments. By double-clicking on a workspace, you can call BW Workspace Maintenance (transaction RSWSPW, see BW Workspace). You can also select the BWA index here and assign it the workspace.


BWA indexes for hierarchies are an exception to this.

InfoCubes (including InfoCubes belonging to HybridProviders and SPOs) and VirtualProviders

You can set the Explorer Status. By choosing you can call the transaction for activating BW objects (seeActivating BW Objects for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer).

With Query Behavior Dependent on the BWA Index Status, you can define how the query should react if the associated BWA index is inactive or does not exist.


A BWA index can be set to Inactive manually in BWA Index Maintenance. A BWA index can also be inactive temporarilly, for example if a data update has just been performed in the the indexes, when deleting a report for example. The index is then set to active again shortly afterwards.

A BWA index does not exist if you have not created an index in BWA Index Maintenance or have deleted the index.

You have the following options:

  1. Query terminates if BWA index is inactive or does not exist

    If the BWA index is inactive or does not exist, the query is terminated (NOBIANOQUERY = 'C')

  2. Query terminates if BWA is inactive

    If the BWA index is inactive, the query is terminated (NOBIANOQUERY = 'X')

  3. Query is sent to the database if the BWA index is inactive

    If the BWA index is inactive, the data is read from the database (NOBIANOQUERY = ' ')

  4. Use the system setting

    In BW Accelerator Monitor (transaction RSDDBIAMON2), you can also make system-wide settings for this scenario.


For VirtualProviders, you also have the option of defining a class in Optional Settings which you can use to control delta downloads to the BWA index and parallelization of indexing. If you do not define any classes, the following rules apply:

  • Delta downloads to the BWA index are not possible. Indexing always takes place in Initial Filling mode.

  • Indexing takes place in one background process. There is no parallelization over various background processes during indexing.

If you want to define a class of your own, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a copy of ABAP class CL_RSDDB_BVIP_SUPER.

    1. To allow delta downloads to the VirtualProvider's BWA index, overwrite method IF_RSDDB_BVIP_DELTA~GET_READPOINTER.

    2. To allow parallelization of the initial indexing process, overwrite method IF_RSDDB_BVIP_PARALLEL~GET_RANGES.


      For further information, see the comment for these methods.

  2. In the Characteristic for Delta Determination field, enter a characteristic of the VirtualProvider that you want delta determination to be based on. The characteristic should be numerical and grow monotonously.

    If method IF_RSDDB_BVIP_DELTA~GET_READPOINTER is implemented in the class, a read status (READPOINTER) will be returned up to which data from the VirtualProvider will be read in delta mode and indexed to BWA. The read status is taken from the delta characteristic.

    If no delta characteristics are entered, no deltas can be loaded to the VirtualProvider's BWA index.