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On the System Settings tab page, you can check and/or change the values of the following global system parameters.



Value (Changeable)


System is activated for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (value is not equal to ' ')

The following versions exist:

X for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version 1.0

2 for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version 2.0

X or 2


Store FLOAT key figures as FLOAT (value = any) or DOUBLE (value =DOUBLE)

You can define whether to store key figures of type FLOAT on the BWA server as FLOAT numbers or as DOUBLE numbers (with correspondingly higher memory usage and slightly poorer performance).

In the default setting, these key figures are stored as real FLOAT numbers on the BWA server. This can result in rounding differences between the database result and the BWA query result however. We therefore recommend only using FLOAT if you really need FLOAT, and there will not be a large number of decimal places. If you need more than three decimal places for a key figure of type DEC, see SAP Note 460652.

You make this setting globally for all BWA indexes. If you change the setting, all BWA indexes for InfoCubes with FLOAT key figures therefore have to be deleted and rebuilt with the new setting.



Wait time (minutes) with database fallback

If you have activated the database fallback for the BWA (see SAP Note 940635), the system waits 30 minutes before a query tries again to read data from the BWA.

You can use parameter DBFALLBACK_TIME to set a different wait time.



Wait time (minutes) in indexing with active BWA monitor actions



No query execution if BWA not available

If a BWA index has the status "inactive" (not usable for queries), this can be either a temporary situation, because a data modification process is running, or a desired situation, because performance measurements are being performed for example.

You can use parameter NOBIANOQUERY to prevent the system from running the query on the database under these circumstances. It will display a message for the user instead.

You can revoke this setting at any time by setting the parameter to a value other than "X".


Message start with database fallback

If you have activated the database fallback fort he BWA (see Monitoring SAP BW Accelerator), the system informs selected users by e-mails if an error occurs while connecting to the BWA server. The users' addresses have to be stored in table RSDDTREXHPAFAIL.

You can use parameter QUERY_ERROR_ALERT to stipulate that you should be informed by CCMS instead of (value = CCMS) or as well as by e-mail (Wert = BOTH).